Seasonal Ramen


Japan is known for four distinctive seasons, and Japanese people enjoy seasonal menu.  So as an effort to bring a little bit of Japan, Ramen Tatsunoya has been serving seasonal ramen throughout the year. 


~No-broth Ramen~

We’d like to introduce you “Mazemen” aka no-broth ramen!

Slurp some curly noodles slathered in Ramen Tatsunoya’s original Mazemen sauce. Over 20 kinds of soy sauce and miso are blended with a little bit of Ramen Tatsunoya’s signature tonkotsu soup, along with a slight kick of yuzu kosho mayo. As if you needed any that with both a spicy and a seafood oil, and you've got extra deliciousness.

Also great: No-broth makes this THE perfect to-go dish!

How many Japanese noodles have you slurped?