Ramen Tatsunoya

Awe through tradition


Four Seasons Ramen

Japan is known for four distinctive seasons, and Japanese people enjoy seasonal menu.  So as an effort to bring a little bit of Japan, Ramen Tatsunoya has been serving seasonal ramen throughout the year. 

For the season of spring, we’d like to introduce you “Mazemen”—AKA broth-less ramen! 



Slurp some curly noodles slathered in Ramen Tatsunoya’s original Mazemen sauce. Over 20 kinds of soy sauce and miso are blended with a little bit of Ramen Tatsunoya’s signature tonkotsu broth, along with a slight kick of yuzu kosho mayo.  As if you needed any more reason to love this ramen…we top that with both a spicy oil and a seafood oil for maximum deliciousness.

Added bonus: No-broth makes this THE perfect to-go dish!

How many Japanese noodles have you slurped?  


We are proud to call Old Pasadena our American home.

This beautiful Southern California community has welcomed us with open arms and provided us with a renewed inspiration to serve the best bowl of ramen possible.  

Photos by Jakob Layman.





16 N Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena,CA 91103


Lunch 11-3
Dinner 6-10
Weekends and Holidays 11-10

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